Natural Gas
Natural Gas markets can be very volatile which makes managing this expense extremely difficult for businesses. At Enerpower we have a variety of plans to assist customers in hedging their load against volatility. We are dedicated to designing plans that achieve cost reduction and budget stability.
Fixed Product

Customers who elect this pricing option wish to secure a fixed energy price for the entire term of the contract. This option ensures price stability and budget certainty. The Fixed Product includes features such as commodity, basis, capacity, as well as storage.


  • Price assurance
  • No hidden surprises
  • Total hands-off approach to energy management
  • Hedge against market rate volatility
NYMEX Plus Basis

This product is designed for customers who wish to purchase natural gas at the prevailing market price of the commodity, and who wish to lock in their "basis" (price differential between the NYMEX pricing point and the utility's city gate). This product is best suited for customers who like to participate in downward trending markets and the assurance of stable transportation rates. NYMEX Plus Basis is good for customers who expect market prices to decline and want to avoid locking in natural gas supplies at current market rates.


  • Increased price certainty on floating NYMEX prices
  • Participate in downward trending market trends
  • Secure basis spreads


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